What is the fix for AVG license error?

AVG is one of the most trustworthy antivirus software to prevent your personal computer or professional computer from virus, malware, ransom-ware and spyware. This software comes with a license agreement that decides the working duration of software on your system.

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Guide for resolution to some Microsoft account issues

Just like your Gmail account or your Yahoo account or your Face book account Microsoft account is also a similar combination of an Email ID and a password that is used to get an access to all the Microsoft services such as office 365, one drive, windows phone, x box live, MSN, Skype and a lot more.

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Why is My Canon Printer Delivering Printouts with Symbols?

Posted on : 13 March, 2019

When you try to print a text document from your Canon Printer, instead of printing text or image its prints some strange symbols and characters that looks like a secret code, then you need to examine your printer hardware and output process carefully to find out what is exactly causing the issue.

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What Is The Right Way To Rectify McAfee Mcshield Error 1053?

Posted on : 21 November, 2018

Before resolving the error code, you should know about McAfee Mcshield service. It is generally an on-access antivirus scanner software that is linked with the network connection. It checks on the computing processes and registry to detect and prevent virus injections into your system.

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How to Transfer Norton License on Another Computer?

Posted on : 31 October, 2018

If you have recently purchased a new computer and want to protect its data from virus infection then you definitely need Norton’s protection. You can either transfer your license from your old PC to the new one or you can purchase a new subscription.

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How to Restore Files Deleted By AVG?

Posted on : 11 October, 2018

AVG antivirus is a very good program. It keeps a strict watch on every files and folder that exist on your PC and cross checks it with its database. If it finds anything suspicious then either it Quarantines those files or deletes them from your PC.

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What Is McAfee Security Connected Strategy?

Posted on : 25 September, 2018

McAfee Security Connected Strategy is all about protecting your business in the way better than anything. It is a smart and active collaboration of protecting your devices from the endpoint to the network and the cloud.

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Steps To Fix Norton Online Backup Failure Error

Posted on : 21 September, 2018

Almost every Norton product offers online backup facility but at times the user is not able to use this facility because of Norton Online Backup error.

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How to Fix the Problem in Running AVG PC TuneUp?

Posted on : 13 September, 2018

AVG PC TuneUp is utility software that works well on Windows PC. This software is developed by AVG and can be used to manage, optimize, maintain, configure and troubleshoot your computer. The software has a very good repo in the market and it offers amazing features to its users.

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Adjust Avast Web Shield Settings

Posted on : 12 September, 2018

Avast Antivirus comes up with its own shields like Mail Shield, File System shield, Behavior shield etc. Each shield has its own function and duty. Mainly they analyze all incoming and outgoing information of your PC for malicious content.

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How to Use HP Print & Scan Doctor to Fix HP Printer Issues?

Posted on : 23 August, 2018

HP Printers have a great repo in the market of printers. It offers great features to its user and when it comes to multifunctional HP Printer then there is no other printer in the market that could match its performance. But a lot can go wrong with printer software which will make your printing task more difficult.

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McAfee Virtual Technician: Automatic Diagnostic & Problem Resolution

Posted on : 18 August, 2018

We all come across different issues with our security program which can, later on, lead online risk. This can happen with McAfee users as well but the good thing is McAfee has its own self-healing tool known as McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) that can diagnose and resolve it issues automatically.

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What is The Password Manager and How to Use It?

Posted on : 14 August, 2018

Every site you visit asks you to create your personal username and password. We don’t like to create so many different passwords so either we end up using easy and memorable passwords or we keep on using the same password everywhere.

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How do I protect system’s file from malicious code?

Posted on : 30 July, 2018

When you note slower than usual performance, lot of pop-ups, or other weird issues, there is potentially some malware has contaminated your system. Some nefarious entity has entered your device that has resulted in its abnormal behavior.

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Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks

Posted on : 17 July, 2018

Ransomware is a kind of malware that ask for ransom by threatening the victim. The cybercriminals either ask for ransomware by blocking your access to your computer, locking your desktop and encrypting some important and personal file.

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Some Common Problems With Gmail Two-Step Verification

Posted on : 12 July, 2018

Two-step verification enhances your Gmail Account security. Even if hackers access your password, still they won’t be able to login to your Gmail account as they need to approve their login by entering the text you received on your registered mobile number.

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Correct Process to Restore Lost Hotmail Emails

Posted on : 11 July, 2018

Let’s say that you want to take reference from an email but when you try to find that particular email then you are unable to do it. The email got lost or missing from your inbox. You tried all the means to search it but all in vain. It sounds horrible, right.

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What would I do of Canon Mp230 Printer error code 1300?

Posted on : 07 July, 2018

Canon Printer is a device of appreciating functionality and a crisp and professional looking printout. But a lot of issues keep hanging onto the machine while you are using it.

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How an Antivirus Works on Malware?

Posted on : 02 July, 2018

Antivirus software has its own database of viruses and malware. Every time when it scans your PC it compares the codes of files and websites against the codes in its database.

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What causes McAfee software to Block Pictures?

Posted on : 18 June, 2018

Although, you cannot deny that McAfee Antivirus boosts your browsing experience to the wide range of web pages. But the problem initiate when McAfee starts blocking pictures when you surf on the web.

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What If Your HP Printer Stop Printing the Black Color?

Posted on : 06 June, 2018

It is very common that you decide to take a printout for your business meeting and at the same moment, you realize that your HP Printer is not printing the blank ink. We have got many calls on HP Printer Helpline Number for this issue and we have provided solutions for this to our customers.

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When Epson Scan Can’t Communicate with Epson Printer Scanner

Posted on : 05 June, 2018

Epson All-in-One printer can perform multiple tasks. Apart from printing, it can also scan, copy and fax the document. Epson printer scanner can perform its duty really well and this is the reason, a large number of people prefer to go with this machine.

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How can I Add or Remove Components in Avast Security?

Posted on : 30 May, 2018

Antivirus solutions play a vital role in controlling the threat online and protect your data in the best way possible. But the main question hangs against you is that what should be installed on your system?

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How to Automatically Forward Emails From Hotmail To Other Account?

Posted on : 29 May, 2018

Windows Live Hotmail is a bundle of features. It offers all that a customer can ask for from an email service. You can save address book, auto-responder, add a signature, filter-spam mails, organize your folders and many more.

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Procedure to Resolve Microsoft Excel Not Responding Issue

Posted on : 28 May, 2018

This is a well known fact that Microsoft Excel can help save your financial data in the best secured way. Whether you want to do calculation or to find averages, Microsoft Excel is made to use for several operations.

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Common Gmail related issues and their rectifications

Posted on : 25 May, 2018

Emailing has taken a great place in the entire world, giving out the most secured communication experience. Out of the big list of emailing clients, Gmail is considered as the best service which offers easiness and comfort in this complex technological world.

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What if my Canon Printer won’t print after changing Cartridge?

Posted on : 23 May, 2018

Canon Printer is a prime example where quality speaks aloud. You can blindly trust on your printing device when it comes to print documents related to your business advertisements.

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How do I rectify it when HP Printer stops printing?

Posted on : 22 May, 2018

Printers are an advantageous creation that makes the world more colorful. HP Printers are really magical devices that give out instant printouts with the best finishing, a printer can allot. In this phase, problems too come out, that are really annoying to resolve. We need an outside support in order to deal with the complications.

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What Are The Issues with Network Epson Printer?

Posted on : 14 May, 2018

Network or Wi-Fi printers are in great demand these days because these printers are not bounded by any wire and you can take them anywhere to print. On one hand network Epson printers bring convenience to its user but at the same time they can also cause trouble to them.

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How to Fix Norton Crashing And Not Responding Issue?

Posted on : 09 May, 2018

Norton has proved its worth when it comes to Windows PC security. It has given comprehensive security to its user device and keeps all its data safe and protected. As this antivirus software offers so many features, it is obvious that few of us will face complications while using it. There are hundreds of issues associated with it.

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What to do about AVG frequent trial messages?

Posted on : 10 April, 2018

Antivirus solutions have become a basic requirement for the system welfare to keep the important data secure. There is a plethora of bright antivirus security introduced in the market. AVG Antivirus is regarded as a creation that is well managed and maintains your own space full of security.

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Want guidance for cleaning the Epson Printer print heads?

Posted on : 05 January, 2018

It is obvious whenever any issue imposed in Epson Printer affect the print quality; the main target to be blamed is dirty print heads or anything related to ink. As all know, print heads transfer the ink to the printing sheet and you may see dried ink clogging the print heads that results in light or dark bands showing across your printouts. What you can do is cleaning. By cleaning the print heads the clogs may clear out and then you may see proper ink flow.

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How to curb one of the troubleshooting elements in Microsoft like installing of updates?

Posted on : 20 December, 2017

The simplicity and effectiveness in any work or assignment can only be maintained by a concerned person is only possible provided all the correct channels is possible. In the contemporary period, no one questions the overall credibility of professionals of Microsoft. This is simply because of the fact that both the channels like – Microsoft office or Microsoft Antivirus are functioning in the most effective manner. Under no circumstances none of the user has displayed any kind of dissatisfaction.

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