Common Gmail related issues and their rectifications

Posted on : 25 May, 2018

Emailing has taken a great place in the entire world, giving out the most secured communication experience. Out of the big list of emailing clients, Gmail is considered as the best service which offers easiness and comfort in this complex technological world.

We cannot even count on the functional features that Gmail proffers to its users. Besides this, Gmail too brings some unknown errors affront its users. These errors or difficulties can be rectified by talking to the technicians at Gmail Help Desk Number UK. They offer optimum support whenever you are in your bad phase.

Not only the complex issues, but sometimes, simple or common errors in Gmail become most annoying one. Gmail users claims that they are not receiving emails or not able to send emails.

Sometimes, they forgot their account password, while on other side, the server shows too busy. In this blog, we have discussed the common errors of Gmail that come across to you. With the resolution being mentioned, the common errors are as follows:

• Gmail Password Forgotten Issue: You cannot access to your Gmail account, when you forgot your account password. But, Google has introduced a number of tools that you can use to recover the password. You need to log-in to your account and click your profile picture available in the upper right corner, proceed to My Account.

Under the Sign-in & Security tab, you just click “Signing in to Google.” And then, scroll down the page to “Account recovery options.” You must ensure that you have filled all the three options named Recovery Email, Recovery Phone, and Security Question. Doing so, you can get your password back.

• When Gmail is not loading: When you log-in to your Gmail account, there are chances that the web page will not load. As the first thing, you need to make sure that you are using a supported web browser. When your Gmail is working in incognito mode, but disabling extensions didn’t help much, you must clear your cache and cookies.

• Sync related issues: Sometimes, Gmail can fail to sync for a lot of reasons. There are chances that you get failed to send email or you might receive an “account not synced” error message, or the app runs so slow. You are recommended to update the Gmail app. And if the problem still resists, check the connectivity.

When you are not able to resolve any of these issues, you can consult the well trained team of technicians at Gmail Toll Free Number UK. They assure instant resolutions for the issue you have encountered.