Correct Process to Restore Lost Hotmail Emails

Posted on : 11 July, 2018

Let’s say that you want to take reference from an email but when you try to find that particular email then you are unable to do it. The email got lost or missing from your inbox. You tried all the means to search it but all in vain. It sounds horrible, right. This has happened with many Hotmail users and most of them give up in such a situation because they are unaware of the proper method to address this issue. You can follow the instruction of our technical executives of Hotmail Online Customer Care given in this section to retrieve your lost emails.

You need to follow different guidelines for received emails and sent emails in Hotmail account.

Note: There is no Hotmail now, Hotmail has merged with Outlook and has become one.

Retrieve Received Emails

• Sign in to your Hotmail account from which you lost emails using your email ID and password.
• Now go to the Deleted or Trash folder that is located on the left pane of the screen.
• Then click on Restore Deleted messages to retrieve all lost and missing emails

This way you can restore the received emails but the method for lost or missing send emails is different. Follow the steps given here to retrieve send items.

Retrieve Send Emails

• Sign in to your Hotmail account using its credentials.
• From Hotmail Home page, click on Mail & More option which is located on the top of the screen.
• Then from the left navigation, click each Send message folder from Folders of MSN and under Folders, just to check if you can find the copy of your send item there. If you can find your sent email there then good otherwise you can continue to the next step.
• Then click on Help & Settings icon from the top of the screen.
• Next, click on Email Settings Option.
• After this, click on Email Options and see to it that the given options are checked:
    - Save the Copy of each sent message in the Send Message folder.
    - Save the copy of each sent message in the Send Message folder of this computer.

Now you have successfully recovered the lost or missing Hotmail emails. In case, you have permanently deleted an email and then you want to retrieve it, then you will need to take help from experts on Hotmail online toll free number UK. They can help you get your access back to deleted emails.