Guide for resolution to some Microsoft account issues

What is a Microsoft account?

Just like your Gmail account or your Yahoo account or your Face book account Microsoft account is also a similar combination of an Email ID and a password that is used to get an access to all the Microsoft services such as office 365, one drive, windows phone, x box live, MSN, Skype and a lot more.

But the setup and other procedures associated with this account are often complicated and the users do get to face a lot of problems and one needs either proper technical knowledge or guidance to fix them. For guidance, the user needs to connect with the experts they can be reached at Microsoft Support Number UK.

Our focus is to provide the users with proper and easy to apply and understand resolutions for the basic Microsoft account related issues. Given below are resolutions for some problems that are easy to resolve but are unavoidable if you are a Microsoft service or product user.

Microsoft Account creation - First and foremost the users are often seen trapped in the creation procedure of the account itself. The user can get it done easily by the help of the below- given steps-
• Go to the Microsoft account sign-in page.
• Fill the form with all the information and get a password created.
• You can change the settings for your login procedure
• Then select “next”

Unlocking a Microsoft account - If you need to unlock a Microsoft account then for that you should follow the below-given steps –
• Go to the Microsoft account website.
• Sign in your locked account.
• Enter a phone number
• You will then receive a security code as text on that number
• Enter that security code on the web page
• Get the password changed in order to complete the unlocking procedure.

Password reset - As stated above just like all other accounts such as Gmail, face book a Microsoft account is also made of a combination of an Email ID as well as a password and it is often seen that the users get stuck with the password reset procedure. The users should follow the below given steps for completion of the password reset procedure-
• Go to the password reset page.
• Select a reason for the password reset then click “next”
• Enter an Email address, phone number, Skype ID
• Enter the characters as they appear on the screen

This blog covers all the basic issues that a Microsoft account user may get to deal with on daily basis if in case you are stuck with some even more complicated issue then for help ask the experts at Microsoft Support Number UK.