How an Antivirus Works on Malware?

Posted on : 02 July, 2018

Antivirus software has its own database of viruses and malware. Every time when it scans your PC it compares the codes of files and websites against the codes in its database. The code that matches is considered infectious. These files are either quarantined or deleted by the software.

Malware is a single word that is used for viruses, spyware, worm and so on. If a system gets infected with a malware then it can cause big damage to your computer and your personal data. In the market, there are so many good antivirus programs like Norton, AVG, Avast, McAfee and many more. These antivirus programs offer background scanning, full system scan and virus definition. But Norton Antivirus technical helpline executives always suggests that one should keep their antivirus program updated so that it can even combat with the latest form of malwares.

How malwares are detected and removed?

There are five different ways of malware detection which are explained below:

1. Signature-Based Detection: This is the traditional method in which an antivirus program checks all .exe files and cross check it with the known data of virus and malwares. All application, files and programs are scanned by the software for any threat.

2. Behavioral-Based Detection: This is basically in Intrusion Detection mechanism. It will look for characteristics of malware which scanning your device. It will only detect a malware when a malware performs its action.

3. Heuristic-Based detection: It works with the combination of signature-based detection. Mainly, it helps in the detection of the new and altered form of malware. This can work well even without having latest virus definition. AVG customer care agents can help you learn more about its functioning.

4. Sandbox Detection: It works like behavioral based detection. It runs the application in a virtual environment to observe its actions. It will verify the action of those programs which are logged in and then your antivirus checks if the program is safe or not.

5. Data-Mining technique: Most antivirus companies like Norton and AVG uses this technique to detect malware. It scans the file and sees to it that the program is malicious or not.

If you are using a correct antivirus program then you don’t have to worry about any virus or malware attack. You are completely safe.