How do I rectify it when HP Printer stops printing?

Posted on : 22 May, 2018

Printers are an advantageous creation that makes the world more colorful. HP Printers are really magical devices that give out instant printouts with the best finishing, a printer can allot. In this phase, problems too come out, that are really annoying to resolve. We need an outside support in order to deal with the complications. The technical support team at HP Printer Contact Helpline UK is really supportive in this case. And you don’t have to suffer when they accompany you in the problem being confronted.

It is possible that your HP Printer won’t print at all; there might be many reasons for this. From the annoying connectivity issues to faulty configurations or drivers, there can be any possibility that makes your Printer not to response even. You have to follow the best fixation procedure for rectifying the “HP Printer Not Printing Issue”. The best steps are given below:

• Basic Troubleshooting as the First step: Make sure that your printer and computing device are perfectly connected. Also check, that the network or the cable you use to connect the devices is normal. Try restarting the device, turn it off completely and detach the power cord and then turn it on after some time. If your printer is still not working, go for the step ahead.

• Printer should be set as default: While you try to print something, your printer will automatically send the print job to the default printer. So, if you want to print from your HP Printer, set it as the default one. Now, try to print something, if the situation is still same, you must move to the next step.

• Cancel all the print jobs: Cancelling all the pending print jobs will be a great step in order to resolve the situation. It is possible that some print job has been stuck in the print queue causing your printer to stop function. Just clear all the print jobs and see if your device is back to normal again or not.

• Update the Printer Driver: Sometimes, this type of issue generates when there are some faulty drivers in the device. You are suggested to update the printer drivers as soon as possible.

Hope your printer start printing now, if it doesn’t, go and take help from the technical executive available at HP Printer Technical Helpline Number UK. The technicians deployed here are really supportive and well trained for the technical issues, users come across to.