How to Use HP Print & Scan Doctor to Fix HP Printer Issues?

Posted on : 23 August, 2018

HP Printers have a great repo in the market of printers. It offers great features to its user and when it comes to multifunctional HP Printer then there is no other printer in the market that could match its performance. But a lot can go wrong with printer software which will make your printing task more difficult. If you are using a wireless or network printer then you might have to deal with its complications even more. But what makes HP still a good option is that it offers a free tool known as HP Print & Scan Doctor which can help user automatically deal with many printer issues.

HP Print & Scan doctor is a free software utility which can rectify many print and scanning issues related to HP printing machine. This software tool is compatible with almost every version of Windows, starting from Windows XP to Windows 10. The only drawback it has is that is cannot be used with Mac OS. If you face any printing issue with your Mac device then you should consult a technician on HP Printer Technical Help Desk Number UK. The tool can check so many things that earlier used to be checked by different utilities offered by HP.

The list of issues tackled by this tool is mentioned below:

• The tool is capable of clearing the print queue, in case any print job stuck in the middle.
• As we all know that an outdated printer driver can cause many issues, but this tool makes sure that the drivers are updated and not corrupt and missing.
• It checks for printer status and makes sure that there is no printer error interrupting your printing task.
• You can even use this tool to check for connectivity. If your printer is connected to USB then it makes sure that the printer is connected properly and if it is connected to a wireless network, then also it checks for network connectivity.
• You can also face printer issues due to port match and device compatibility problem. If you have this tool then, you won’t face such issues as it checks for port settings for your printer and also makes sure that there is no device conflict.

You just need to download this tool from original HP Printer website. In case, you have any issue while downloading and installing this tool, then you can consult printer experts on HP Printer Phone Number UK. When you run the tool, it will scan your PC for any kind of fault or issue and then ask for your permission to resolve it. Now you can enjoy printing without having any issue.