Procedure to Resolve Microsoft Excel Not Responding Issue

Posted on : 28 May, 2018

This is a well known fact that Microsoft Excel can help save your financial data in the best secured way. Whether you want to do calculation or to find averages, Microsoft Excel is made to use for several operations.

You can even use it for forecasting, or for business related tasks. And this is important that it continues to perform smoothly and no technical difficult will trouble you. But this is not possible, that it won’t create difficulties into your path. Whenever this happens, correct them by connecting to the team at Microsoft Technical Helpline Number UK.

Sometimes, what you see that your Excel crashes, freezes or stops working and you receive an error message saying “Excel is not responding”, or “Excel has stopped working.” In this situation, you are suggested to follow the steps below:

• Start Running Excel in Safe Mode

Just open the command prompt by pressing Windows and R simultaneously, or you can select the Run option from the Start Menu. And in the command prompt, just input excel.exe or safe, to run Microsoft Excel in Safe Mode. Thereafter, try to open the file again so that this will help in resolving the situation when the program crashes or hangs.

• Try to Change Default Printer

When you open an excel document like a spreadsheet, it starts to communicate with the device so that it can look for the margins supported by the default printer. And when the communication fails, Excel get crashes. In such situation, you need to change the default printer. Just proceed to the Control Panel, and click on Devices and Printers. And then, set Microsoft XPS Document Writer as the default printer, by right clicking on it. See if Excel is opening up now.

• Install the Latest Updates

Updating any software is very important in order to get latest functional features that will help enjoy the service even more. But sometimes, you are subjected to Issues when the latest Office and Windows Updates are not installed. So, you are suggested to install the latest versions or you can select the option of Automatically Installing any Updates.

• Resolve the issue with Add-ins

You need to open Microsoft Excel in safe mode and then click on File. When it opens up, go to Options and click on add-ins. Now, you can see the different add-ins in that program. Try disabling the add-ins one by one. Upon seeing a recently added add in, you must try removing it first, to check if excel is working doing so.

Hope, you are relieved from the issue now, if not, then you are suggested to take help from the well trained tech personalities available at Microsoft Helpline Support Number UK. The correct workarounds will be assisted to you over the phone call.