Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks

Posted on : 17 July, 2018

Ransomware is a kind of malware that ask for ransom by threatening the victim. The cybercriminals either ask for ransomware by blocking your access to your computer, locking your desktop and encrypting some important and personal file. Only after paying the ransom the user will be able to get his access back. Mostly the malware displays a ransomware note by claiming that they are from local police or FBI and they ask you for fine because they claim that you have used your computer for some illegal activities. Although these are not FBI or any legal body, these are cybercriminals who want to steal your money.

Some antivirus software like Avast has launched Ransomware removal tool, through which you can get rid of these attacks and save yourself from cyber attacks. Avast customer care executives will help you to use this antivirus tool in a perfect manner as they know how to install this tool and what is the correct configuration and process to use it.

There are two types of Ransomware in circulation, one is Encrypting ransomware which is designed to block system files and to unblock them they demand money. The second one is Locker ransomware which basically locks everything for the user. The user is not able to access their desktop or app or file. But the question is how to recognize a ransomware? It has certain features like unbreakable encryption, requests payment in Bitcoins, scrambles your file name and many more.

If your system gets infected by ransomware then you should not panic. Paying the amount to the cybercriminals is not the solution to this problem and moreover, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get your access back. McAfee Antivirus contact number UK is available to guide you how you can save yourself from such attacks and in fact, they will also guide you how you can keep yourself safe in future.

Remember that cybercriminals not only attack your PC but they also have their eyes on your mobiles. For mobile phones, you can use different security app like McAfee Mobile Security to keep yourself safe. We are hoping that from now on you will be more aware and keep yourself safe online.