Some Common Problems With Gmail Two-Step Verification

Posted on : 12 July, 2018

Two-step verification enhances your Gmail Account security. Even if hackers access your password, still they won’t be able to login to your Gmail account as they need to approve their login by entering the text you received on your registered mobile number. But after setting up two-step authentication, many Gmail users have encountered some issue with it. Although, Gmail Online Customer Service is available to address these issues but won’t it be better that you try to get them fixed on your own. Go through this blog carefully to address Gmail two-step verification issues.

You Lost Your Respective Phone: If you lost your phone or it gets stolen by someone then the first thing you need to do is revoke your App password and change your Gmail password so that no one can even attempt to have access to your account.

• You can try to sign in from a computer where you have checked that computer should remember you. In this case, you might able to sign in without having verification code.
• If you have lost your primary phone then you can select to have the code on the backup phone.
• You can use the same number with a new SIM on a new phone.

Not Able to Sign in Work, Organization or School Related Gmail Account: In this case, you have two options. Instead of receiving the code on the primary phone which is lost, select to have a code on the backup phone. Apart from this, you must contact your administrator as they can turn off two-step verification so that you can sign in without a code.

Don’t Use Google Voice to Receive the Code: If you choose to receive Google voice to receive verification code then you might create a trouble for your own. Let’s say you signed out from Google voice, then how will you again sign in without having a code. You won’t be able to receive the code without Google voice.

Can’t See Two-Step Verification Set Up Link: This mostly happens with those who use their account through work, organization or school. There is a possibility that your organization hasn’t set up two-step verification so first, you should ask them. Otherwise, you can try to set up two-step verification through a special URL. If you want to learn more about it then you must dial Gmail Contact Phone Number UK to consult with our technical team.