Steps To Fix Norton Online Backup Failure Error

Posted on : 21 September, 2018

Almost every Norton Antivirus offers online backup facility but at times the user is not able to use this facility because of Norton Online Backup error. If you are facing issue while recovering your data that is stored in cloud memory then you will see any of the following error:

• Backup error
• Backup not completing
• Norton Backup error code 8702 32
• Norton Backup error code 00 98

So, what exactly causes the online backup problem? Actually, there are various reasons for this problem. Some major ones are mentioned below:

• Some of the files are locked by some other applications, thus they can’t be back up.
• Maybe some file is open during backup.
• The system loses the internet connection in between.
• There is a possibility that any shared file is in the use or open.

To find out the exact cause of the issue, you can consult the experts over Norton help desk number UK. This will help you fix the problem in a better and convenient manner.

Before we actually proceed to the troubleshooting steps please make sure the destination device or the drive is correctly connected. After you have analyzed this, you can proceed with the steps given below. These steps are to create a new backup:

• Launch your Norton program and go to its settings.
• Under settings, click under “Detailed” and then select “Backup settings”.
• Click “Configure” next to “Manage Backup”.
• Then on the Summary tab, look for things you can do and after that click on “Create New Backup”.
• Type the name for creating a new backup and then click OK.
• Then on the “What” option, go to Backup Sources and check for drivers, or alternatively, click My Documents from where you want to restore files and folders.
• Now select the File category from the File type and:
- Unmark the files and folder that you don’t want to create a new backup for.
- Click Add or excluder file or folders and click Include file or folder for the files you want to create a backup for. You can take help for the same on Norton UK.
• Then from the “Where” tab, select the storage location.
• Click Save Settings and then click on Run Backup to start the process.

The backup process will take a few minutes so just be patient. The time taken by the backup depends on the speed of your internet. There is another way as well to fix Norton Online Backup error and that is by deleting your old backup set. For this open Manage Backup option as explained above and then follow the given steps:

• Hover your mouse on the Backup Set name available on the Summary tab to see options under drop-down menu.
• Select the Backup set that you want to delete.
• Click Delete Backup Set option available in Delete backup set window.
• On the next page, click Yes.

After deleting the old backup and creating a new one, you will be able to restore the data for which you want to create a backup for.