Want guidance for cleaning the Epson Printer print heads?

Posted on : 05 January, 2018

It is obvious whenever any issue imposed in Epson Printer affect the print quality; the main target to be blamed is dirty print heads or anything related to ink. As all know, print heads transfer the ink to the printing sheet and you may see dried ink clogging the print heads that results in light or dark bands showing across your printouts. What you can do is cleaning. By cleaning the print heads the clogs may clear out and then you may see proper ink flow.

Follow the below instructions carefully in order to clean the print heads:

• You need to turn on your printer and see if any print task is pending. Upon seeing the ink light on, you need to replace a cartridge before moving ahead.
• See if there is paper in the tray. If not, add it properly.
• Now click to Start and then move to Devices and Printers option to view a list of all installed printers and then double-click your Epson printer. Then double-click Adjust Print Options and then choose the Maintenance tab and then click Head Cleaning. If you get to face any issue, no need to get worried, just consult the technical team at Epson Printer Support Helpline UK.
• You need to click Start or next when prompted.
• Wait for the cleaning process to complete that can take several minutes to finish. Keep in mind that you can turn off the printer during the cleaning process. Once the process gets completed, the blinking light stops blinking.
• Then you have to click the Print Nozzle Check Pattern option and then click Print.
• Check the Nozzle Check pattern sheet that has printed instantly. You can click to finish it.

If the print quality is still weird and need to be improved further, then you don’t have to click finish, as the issue has not resolved yet. Get in touch with talented technical representative available at Epson Printer Customer Support Number UK. You will be guided with instant support and resolutions that fit your issue and resolve it. You will recommend this outstanding support service to everyone you know.