What Are The Issues with Network Epson Printer?

Posted on : 14 May, 2018

Network or Wi-Fi printers are in great demand these days because these printers are not bounded by any wire and you can take them anywhere to print. On one hand network Epson printers bring convenience to its user but at the same time they can also cause trouble to them. Experts of Epson Printer Toll Free Number UK understand the nature of such printer and how they can be handles. They have jot down the major issues and their resolution in this section. Let us have a look at them:

Printer Cannot Connect with the Wireless Router or the Access Point

• Confirm that your wireless router or access point is working by connecting it with another device.
• You should keep your printer within the range.
• There should not be any access restriction like password or Mac address filtering to make sure your connection.
• It is possible that you have entered wrong WEP key or WPA passphrase.

Epson Printer Can’t be Found in Add Printer Window

When such a situation occurs in front of you, the first thing that you need to make sure is that you have installed your printer driver in a correct manner. Don’t forget to check your computer’s TCP/IP settings.

Unsuccessful network Setup Can Cause the Issue

First, check whether your printer is turned on and is connected to the network or not. In case of wireless network, Wi-Fi lights are on. Although, if there is any issue the remove and reinsert CD to install printer software.

Printer is Printing Slow

Poor signal strength can make your Epson printer print slow or make print cut off. You can check the signal strength by printing a network status sheet.

• Click the Menu button and press arrow up and arrow down button to select Network Settings.
• Then click Ok.
• Now again press arrow up and arrow down button to select Print network status sheep.
• After that, press the color button to print the network status sheet.
• Finally, to exit press the menu button.

There can be million more problems that an Epson printer user can encounter with their wireless printer. You can resolve all of them with the help of experts who are working at Epson Printer Help Number UK.