What if my Canon Printer won’t print after changing Cartridge??

Posted on : 23 May, 2018

Canon Printer is a prime example where quality speaks aloud. You can blindly trust on your printing device when it comes to print documents related to your business advertisements. After you replace your printer’s empty ink cartridge, it is possible that your machine won’t print correctly.

Sometimes, this also happens that your machine prints nothing at all. This type of issues shows up when your device doesn’t recognize the cartridge or is empty in actual. For any other problem, you can connect to the team at Canon Printer Helpline Number UK.

The Protective Tape must be removed:

You know what ink cartridges when new come with a small strip of protective tape that covers the print nozzle. As this tape, blocks the nozzle to put off ink from leaking out while storing. When you don’t remove the tape, the cartridge can’t be able to print then.

You must remove the cartridge from the printer and look for the tape. Although, the color may vary depending on the model of the cartridge, but you have to remove it. Make sure, you won’t remove any other stickers or labels on the cartridge. It will seal the cartridge so that the ink doesn't dry out. When you remove the label, the ink will dry out in seconds.

Reset Ink Cartridge:

Sometimes, your printer won’t recognize the new ink cartridge, or the ink counter shows it as empty. You must know that printers have a cartridge reset feature that makes the machine to recognize the cartridge as new one. You can read the printer manual and can learn the reset process for your printing device.

Cleaning should be given priority:

When the cartridge has been settled in the storage for much time period, there are chances that the ink had started to dry out. Now, start to run an extended cleaning cycle that will correct the issue and help in recognizing the cartridge. And then, check your printer for a "Cleaning" button and press it or hold it down for a few seconds. You can also check printer manual for the same.

When the situation is still the same, you should consult the problem with the expertise team at Canon Printer Helpline Support Number UK. They offer best solutions when you have no idea about the problem too.