Why is My Canon Printer Delivering Printouts with Symbols?

Posted on : 13 March, 2019

When you try to print a text document from your Canon Printer, instead of printing text or image its prints some strange symbols and characters that looks like a secret code, then you need to examine your printer hardware and output process carefully to find out what is exactly causing the issue. It won’t be easy for you to find out the exact cause of the issue thus, we suggest you to take help from printer masters who are available at Canon printer contact number UK. But if in case you want to make an attempt to recognize the cause and resolve it on yourself then carefully read this blog.

File Content of the document you are printing: if you are experiencing jumbled and random symbols on the printout instead of the document content you are expecting, then make sure you have opened the file in the correct application that supports the data type. Some application may open files that they can’t interpret and if that takes place then you might face this issue.

Corrupt or Conflicting Font File: No matter whether your fonts include a file that is been corrupted by a power outage or maybe you have loaded two different versions of the same typeface. Both are identified under the same name in your operating system. This can cause confusion and create such a problem. Even if you are trying to use a freeware font file that is not correctly formed then also you can experience jumbled and strange characters. To resolve this issue, you should replace the font software with a clean copy or a viable alternative.

Wrong or Bad Data Connection: The quality of the output depends on the data connection between your computer and the printer. The data connection that is loose or damaged can cause garbled printouts. If you are using a wireless printer then make sure that the Wi-Fi signals are strong and consistent.

Printer Driver Issue: Last but definitely not the least, this is an important factor that can cause a print quality issue. It is the printer driver that intercedes between a printer and an operating system. The driver makes it possible for printer hardware to understand the data sent by the computer and if you are using a poorly designed or incompatible driver then don’t expect it to deliver quality prints. You can resolve this issue with the help of professionals who are available at Canon printer help number UK. You can install the latest and most compatible printer driver from Canon official website or with the help of Driver Easy tool.