Adjust Avast Web Shield Settings

Posted on : 12 September, 2018

Avast Antivirus comes up with its own shields like Mail Shield, File System shield, Behavior shield etc. Each shield has its own function and duty. Mainly they analyze all incoming and outgoing information of your PC for malicious content. In case, they find any malicious file or website, unauthorized connection or any other virus or malware then it simply blocks their access so that you can freely work on your PC. You can anytime turn these shields on and off as per your security needs by following the given steps:

• Open Avast user interface and go to its Settings.
• Now go to the Components and click the on and off to the slider next to the particular shield.

You can enable and disable all the shields together if you want but for that you must first take a suggestion from professionals on Avast contact number, if they recommend you to disable all components then only do so.

Here in this section, we are particularly going to talk about Web Shield. Web shield scans the data over the internet and prevents any malware from being downloaded or run in your system. Although, we suggest you to use default settings of this component but still if you want then you can manage Web Shield as per your requirement. To modify Avast Web Shield Settings, open Avast Components as explained above and click Customize next to Web Shield.

You will see the following settings in the left pane:

• Main Settings: It allows you to adjust web scanning, script scanning and HTTP scanning along with other functions that can boost up scan performance.
• Web Scanning: Select the type of content you want to scan.
• Exclusions: You can set exclusion to web links, URLs, MIME types so that Avast doesn’t scan them. But do it only if you are certain that the link is safe to access. Take help from experts over Avast help number UK to set up exclusion.
• Action: Decide how Web Shield should behave to online threats.
• Packers: Unpack the compressed files to check for malware.
• Sensitivity: Manage Heuristic analyzes for unknown malware.
• Site Blocking: You can block any specific site you want.
• Script Scanning: Select the browser from which you want to block malicious script. It can also detect and block malicious content from HTTPs connections.
• Script Exclusion: You can decide which websites should be excluded from script scanning so that you can access all the content of that particular website.
• Report File: Decide you want to produce the report for the scan result or not.