How can I Add or Remove Components in Avast Security?

Posted on : 30 May, 2018

Antivirus solutions play a vital role in controlling the threat online and protect your data in the best way possible. But the main question hangs against you is that what should be installed on your system? Avast Antivirus is calculated as the valuable service that prevents malware, viruses and other threats to affect your system. It acts as a shield to your system premises and wisely detects plus removes the unwanted threat. But sometimes, notwithstanding with the nature of real time protection, it incurs some unknown errors that need expertise help to be fixed. You can take help from the skilled tech personalities at Avast support number UK.

Although, you can avail various components like network security scanner, a password manager, a secure browser that comes inbuilt in Avast security, but you still have difficulty in adding and removing program components in your Avast software. When you want any specific element from your Avast components, what you need to do is to install the program. But, when you don’t need any specific program that is already installed, you can simply remove the program. You can remove and add product components by following the below procedure:

Steps for Adding Components:

• You need to open the user interface of the antivirus product on your computing device.
• And then choose, settings, and click on the components menu.
• Thereafter, you will find several programs, and select the program you want to add. Like when you want to add SafeZone Browser, just click Install Component on the right side of the option.
• And then, wait until the installation process is complete, and restart your system when needed.

Steps for Removing Components:

• At first, you need to open the user interface of the antivirus on your device.
• And then choose settings, and click on the components menu.
• Thereafter, proceed to the next step by clicking on the arrow next to the component you actually need to remove. Like if you want to remove Rescue Disk, click on Uninstall Components text right after that.
• Now, you will get notified that, if you are sure then click OK to continue the process of uninstallation.
• And at last, you can restart your computer, if needed.

But keep in mind that when you remove a particular Avast antivirus component, it can affect the valuable protection it gives out. If you are not able to follow the procedure in the right manner, then you are suggested to take help from the technical team available at Avast help desk number UK. They will suggest you instant ways in order to resolve the problem you have been confronted to.