How to Fix Norton Crashing And Not Responding Issue?

Posted on : 09 May, 2018

Norton has proved its worth when it comes to Windows PC security. It has given comprehensive security to its user device and keeps all its data safe and protected. As this antivirus software offers so many features, it is obvious that few of us will face complications while using it. There are hundreds of issues associated with it. Some of its problems can be resolved by user himself, but others need special attention of technician to be resolved. Norton customer care number UK, is a 24/7 helpline which is opened just to assist its users.

Many times when the user tries to launch their Norton software, then it might crash and in some cases, you might even receive an error saying “Not Responding”. This generally happens when the user tries to scan a USB device. However, there is nothing to panic in this situation, as we are going to offer you some measures to fix this crashing and non-responding issue. You can try these given measures one by one:

Solution 1: Repair Norton’s Corrupted Files

You can use Norton Fix tool to repair its corrupted files. Norton’s file can get corrupted for so many reasons but fixing them is necessary.

• First, download Norton fix tool from its original site and save the file on the desktop.
• Now double click the file to run it.
• You need to accept Usage Agreement to continue.
• The tool will start performing it duty. Once it is done, restart your computer.
• After restarting, you might not face the same issue.

If you are still getting the same problem after performing the above steps, then please continue with the next solution.

Solution 2: General Troubleshooting and checkup of Norton

• Login to your Norton account and check for your subscription validity and renewal. This is just to ensure that you are having genuine license for the product.
• If necessary then update your Norton program, and outdated software can cause various issues. Don’t forget to restart your computer after updating.
• Restore Windows to backdate. This is just to undo any recent changes made on your computer. You can take help from experts at Norton support number UK if you are unaware of its correct process.
• You should always have updated Windows OS.
• It is necessary to uninstall any Non-Symantec security product, if you want Norton to perform its duty well.

If none of the above solution work for you then please check for error codes or uninstall and reinstall the program to completely get rid of this issue.