McAfee Virtual Technician: Automatic Diagnostic & Problem Resolution

Posted on : 18 August, 2018

We all come across different issues with our security program which can, later on, lead online risk. This can happen with McAfee users as well but the good thing is McAfee has its own self-healing tool known as McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) that can diagnose and resolve it issues automatically. When you run this tool, it scans your PC to collect system information so that the program and McAfee Support personnel can diagnose and fix the issue related to McAfee. You can even use this tool to repair issues that are preventing your McAfee program from being installed. The only drawback is that this tool is only available for Windows PC, if you are facing any McAfee issue in Mac then you will definitely need the assistance of McAfee customer care executives to fix them.

Note: The program doesn’t collect your personal identification information, it just collect information about your system so the user does not have to worry about anything.

When you use this tool, it can perform the following actions to make your online life safer:

• Scans your system
• Identify and resolve McAfee issues
• Replace missing and corrupt registered keys related to your McAfee product
• If any McAfee service is stopped then it will restart it.
• Also checks for known issues and missing update package.

Steps to Install and Run McAfee Virtual Technician

• Open McAfee Consumer Support home page.
• Then go to the McAfee Virtual Technician section and click Download and Run.
• Now save mvt.exe on your desktop.
• Double-click the downloaded file to launch MVT.
• If Windows User Account Control asks you to allow MVT to run, then click Yes.
• The installation process will begin. Wait till the software gets installed, initialized or updates.
• After installation, MVT will start scanning your system for the issue. If it finds any issue then you will have two options:
- Choose Autofix and follow the onscreen instruction to resolve the problem.
- If the problem persists even after this, then call at McAfee Contact Number UK to find the solution.
• If no issue is found then you can exit MVT.

If MVT reports that there is no supported software installed in your PC, then there is a possibility that the McAfee product that is installed in your PC is not registered with MVT support. You can report about the same to our support agents.