What causes McAfee software to Block Pictures?

Posted on : 18 June, 2018

Although, you cannot deny that McAfee Antivirus boosts your browsing experience to the wide range of web pages. But the problem initiate when McAfee starts blocking pictures when you surf on the web. Actually, what causes this software to block pictures is the problem with parental controls of the software.

Enabling Parental Controls:

McAfee antivirus solution is not limited to protect your computer against viruses only but it is also proficient to set up filter out the unwanted online content for the system’s entire safety. And when you have used parental controls, this makes you forbid from seeing certain pictures online. The security software might block pictures from entire websites when it looks something unusual about it. While this feature has been turned on, you will see a McAfee logo instead of the pictures that have been blocked. To know more about this feature, you can get it detailed at McAfee technical helpline number UK by communicating to technical professionals.

Setting up Accounts:

When you set up McAfee security program, the administrator will start setting up accounts for other users. And when the users start working on the system, McAfee security might block images that seem unfortunate. Like when one user has turned the filtering off and when other user utilizes it, the program will perform differently for each user.

Change the Settings:

While the McAfee software starts blocking images in the wrong manner, you must change the settings that will be a good option. In order to do so, go to the Parental Controls area in the Security Center of the product. There, click Configure and Advanced for move to the right section. Now, the administrator can choose the user account in need of change and edit the settings. And thereafter, the administrator can enable its user to look for inappropriate images. If you have any related query, take assistance at McAfee customer support number UK and stay complications free.

Content Group:

There are different categories placed in a content group. And there main aim is to determine which images and websites are visible to which category of users, be it Young Child, Child, Younger Teen, Teen or Adult. And thus, the software groups websites work into these same categories and displays content accordingly. And as an administrator, you can simply move users from one category to another so that no picture can be blocked; I mean those pictures which you don’t want them to close.