What is The Password Manager and How to Use It?

Posted on : 14 August, 2018

Every site you visit asks you to create your personal username and password. We don’t like to create so many different passwords so either we end up using easy and memorable passwords or we keep on using the same password everywhere. But this is not the way to create a password, in fact, we are creating problems for ourselves by doing so. Hackers can easily access such password and breach your security and identity. So what should be done in such case? If you create a strong and unique password for all your accounts then how will you remember them? The solution is here. You can’t remember all your password and keep them secure but password manager can do so for you.

Note: When you can’t access any of your accounts because you think the account got hacked, please contact our online security specialist on Avast Helpline Number UK for guidance.

A password manager tool helps you create, remember and fill the password. You just need to login to your online account only once and then password manager remember your credential every time you try to log in. There are so many password manager tools available in the market. Many security companies like Norton and Avast add this tool in their premium version. You can even get a password manager as an individual program as well. Both Avast Password Manager and Avast Identity Safe work in the similar manners. Let us learn about both these programs in detail.

Norton Identity Safe is a password manager tool, that can you get free of cost. You can download it as a Standalone product or with Norton paid security software. It consists of a desktop client, a web-based vault and mobile app for Android and iOS. If you are a Mac user, there we are sorry; there is no version available for Mac users. You can manage your password and logins along with your billing address and other data. In its wallet section, you can store your credit card and bank information. You can learn the usage of this tool from our technical executives on Norton Contact Number UK. They can tell you everything about this tool in a better manner.

Avast also offers a free password manager that can keep all your passwords and credit card safe. All you need is one master password to protect all your other passwords. Avast Password will easily auto-fill all your account credentials and credit card information so that you don’t have to enter them every time. You can sync your Avast password across all devices including Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad to keep everything in control. If you go for its premium version then you get some more additional features which will even make it easier for you to manage passwords.