What to do about AVG frequent trial messages?

Posted on : 10 April, 2018

Antivirus solutions have become a basic requirement for the system welfare to keep the important data secure. There is a plethora of bright antivirus security introduced in the market. AVG Antivirus is regarded as a creation that is well managed and maintains your own space full of security.

Having it is not a bad deal to protect your files and folders that can come in contact with the harmful threat over the internet. But besides this, there are lot more complication that can make this service a bad deal. Get them corrected within no time, by contacting the team at AVG Contact Help Number UK. They are offering instant help to all the people confronting issues with their software.

However, AVG manufacturers have given assurance of providing a free security service. And during the expiration of AVG Trial version, you will receive a message depicting to install a new version of your antivirus product. But, you can continue enjoying the free trial version and ignore the trial message on your screen.

You can try to remove the Trial version and install AVG Antivirus Free for continuing basic protection or go for purchasing a license for the advanced protection. The steps for switching to AVG Antivirus Free are proposed below:

• Go to the Start Menu and proceed to Control Panel, and then click “Programs and Features”.
• You need to select the AVG Product in the long list of installed products and click to uninstall.
• Now, tap the option Switch to AVG Antivirus Free. What you will see that an AVG installer will run and download the AVG to a free version.
• And then, wait for the installation to finish, and restart your computer.

Hope you are happy to see the free trial version of your product and you can continue enjoying the product services. If again, you are noting down some unnecessary technical issue, just talk to tech supporters available at AVG Technical Help Desk UK.

They have acquired the full prove knowledge against all the issues you confront while working on your system. Additionally, you can link them whenever you face such difficult situation.